Research Programs

Program for Theoretical Research

Interdisciplinary research into the relationship of East and West through Greece, their main crossing point, particularly in terms of philology, archaeology, religion and ethnology. The program includes the Society for Theoretical Research, and Research Projects for Ionia and the Ionians.

Society for Theoretical Research

The Society focuses attention on areas critical to the origins, establishment and transformations of the so-called Eastern and Western ethnic cultural, and religious identities. Research is conducted primarily in the areas of philosophy, philology, religion, anthropology, art, history and mythology. Rediscovery of the original, signifying causes of man’s identities is sought on the basis of interdisciplinary methodology. The Society’s primary concern is to contribute towards the realization of our present individual and collective potential by means of identifying and exposing past conceptions and objects of belief. Clarity of mind, and mutual understanding are guiding principles of the Society Fellows.

Research Projects for Ionia and the Ionians

Program for Applied Research

The program aims to examine the interrelationship between man, energy and the environment.