Study Programs

Program of Hellenic Studies

  • Hellenic Seminars
  • Hellenic Academic Studies
  • School of the Hellenic Language
  • University Study Abroad Programs
  • Educational Journeys in Greece
  • Lectures, Field Trips and Tours

Program of World and Area Studies

  • World and Area Academic Studies
  • School of Ancient Languages

Research Programs

Program for Theoretical Research

  • Society for Theoretical Research
  • The Ionic Centre Research Fellowships

Program for Applied Research

Cooperation Programs

  • University Study Abroad Programs
  • European Union Educational and Research Programs
  • Hellenic Government Educational and Research Programs
  • Special Programs for Greeks Abroad

Cultural Activities and Events – Open Program

  • Lectures and Peripatetic Lectures
  • Concerts
  • Art Exhibitions
  • Athens Cultural Tours

Productions and Publications

  • Ionica: The Ionic Centre Theoretical Papers
  • The Ionic Centre Seminars Publications
  • Publications for Ionia and Greece
  • The Ionic Centre Newsletter
  • Media & Internet

Filoxenia Facilities and Services

  • Athens Filoxenia Services
  • Conference Facilities and Services
  • Athens Cultural Tours
  • Hellenic Gift Shop: Books, Music and Art